Wardrobe As wellness

Combining her knowledge of the physical + subtle bodies with her styling abilities + intuitive gifts, Jenny will guide you along your path to embodied self-expression. During a remote healing she is able to assess anything you may be holding in your subtle body that’s keeping you from fully becoming the person you truly are + expressing yourself through what you wear each day. She often receives a download as to what you need support in to step more fully into your true self — it could be a change in your hairstyle, wearing more gold statement jewelry, or bringing in lighter garments with more flow to tap into your femininity.

Jenny may hold a vision for your aesthetic direction before you’re able to fully see it for yourself due to blocks or unworthiness. You may be holding beliefs passed down from a parent or society in relationship to your fashion choices, which are ultimately also a reflection of your internal landscape. We begin to work together to heal these beliefs + imbalances during the remote healing session and continue to uncover them through the wardrobe healing process. If you feel like you are not fully embodying your true self in any aspect of your life, expect this to be a profoundly impactful experience.


Remote healing session — tap into emotional blocks, chakra + masculine/feminine imbalances

Face-to-face video calls — 1 hour initial to intuitively guide your healing through wardrobe based on the remote healing + your questionnaire. 30 min follow-up to navigate implementing new wardrobe recommendations.


* Self-expression inspiration board based on your individual aesthetic + energetic balancing

* Empowered use of body proportions

* Color selection to accentuate skin tone + support energetic healing

* Customized style guide for your journey of self-expression