Lymphatic Drainage

Your lymphatic system disposes of waste and when blocked or backed up can result in swelling, compromised immune system, and skin conditions, to name a few. 

Although best to consult with your practitioner prior to attempting and you may find that you prefer the hands on work of a treatment such as those offered by Ricari Studios. There are also great self-lymphatic drainage techniques you can perform to support your lympthatic flow and allow swelling and bruising to resolve more easily. Here is a series of videos with excellent instruction to cleanse the entire lymphatic system.

Best to start with one area, for example the head and neck, to see how your body responds over the course of a few days prior to moving through the entire series. The techniques are all very light and gentle, but similar to energy modalities, move waste through the body to process and you don't want to overwhelm your system.

Front image by Melissa Marshall.

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