* What can I expect during an in-person session? Expect a relaxing experience that’s deeply healing. Your initial session will begin with a short physical assessment followed by the healing treatment. The releases will continue to process over the course of a few days and you may notice changes in your physical body and emotional state as you come into balance. Some may require additional rest and self-care day-of into the days following.

* How does a remote session work? Through healing intention + the entanglement theory of quantum physics we know that what happens to one cell happens to a distant one. In this way, I am able to connect to and work with your body in the same way as if we were in the same room. You just lie down at your scheduled time, play the healing playlist and relax to receive your treatment. Afterwards you will be emailed a summary of your session with any self-care suggestions.

* Why is a remote session more effective than an in-person session? You’re able to relax more fully in the comfort of home, which allows you to be more open to release. I’m also able to go deeper since there’s a lack of physical feedback as I’m facilitating the treatment.

* What’s the benefit of purchasing a package? Due to the nature of this work and the accumulated traumas that build up in our bodies over time, a commitment to multiple sessions (to be spaced at a frequency we determine following your initial session) offers the best results in working together.

* What are the payment options? Payment is accepted in advance to reserve our time together via Venmo to @jenny-wirt using the code VENMO when booking your session, Paypal or credit card at checkout via the acuity scheduling site.