During a remote healing, Jenny is able to connect to your subtle body from a distance to facilitate intentional healing through physical, emotional + energetic releases. This is possible via the entanglement theory of quantum physics which states that with paired particles, actions performed on one particle affects the other.

A deep, powerful healing that’s available to you anywhere in the world. No phone contact necessary, although it is recommended at the start of your first session together.

A remote healing is also included as part of the process in the wardrobe healing journey to embodied self-expression.



Using her physical therapy background + intuitive gifts as a guide, Jenny assesses alignment, neuromuscular activation + your subtle body then facilitates gentle releases of held physical + emotional blocks to create greater balance in your body. Trained in craniosacral therapy and myofascial release techniques, her approach is gentle, but allows for deep releases of the tissues.

These sessions can be beneficial in supporting a wide range of concerns including reproductive health, musculoskeletal pain, or your manifestation practice.

Select dates at WMN Space in Los Angeles + locations TBD in Tulsa + Oklahoma City.