Embodied self-expression

energetic healing to facilitate physical well-being + true self-expression.


Wardrobe as wellness

energetic HEALING

Experience life-changing shifts by embracing your personal power and truly embodying your unique self-expression through wardrobe.

Initiated with a remote healing session, learn how to use your clothing selections to support balance + healing on a physical, emotional, + energetic level. You will gain awareness around dressing for your proportions, skin tone, and chakra balancing — using color and fabric choice to positively impact your well-being and achieve full self-expression.

Release stored physical + emotional blocks held within your body through modalities like craniosacral therapy to allow your body to come into balance, improve alignment, reduce nervous system stress, and move through life with greater ease. Whether in a hands-on or remote healing session, your experience will be intuitively guided to facilitate healing in the ways your body needs.

Leave empowered with self-treatment techniques + knowledge about your unique, individual body to help you feel your absolute best in it.