What to Expect from a Wellness Session with Jenny

All sessions begin with an assessment of your posture and alignment, CranioSacral rhythm and neuromuscular activation. I typically focus on the core and hips/pelvis to start as everything stems from here. Although if you have a specific area of focus that will also be addressed. The sessions require comfortable clothing and all techniques can be performed over your clothes. 

I use gentle healing and bodywork modalities to allow structures to come into alignment, release muscle tension, scar tissue and acupuncture meridians. The release work is all light touch, but does facilitate a deep release into the tissues. It's a very relaxing experience and many clients fall asleep during treatment as the nervous system resets.

Expect the treatment to continue to work over the days following as your body processes through the release emotions and restrictions that were being held in the tissues. The releases will allow your body to self-correct and you may notice changes as a result, but any change should be temporary. To support your body in healing, I recommend drinking plenty of water (at least half your body weight in ounces) to aide in flushing your system and be sure to listen to what your body needs.

I typically recommend 4-6 sessions once a week for optimal results and once a month to every three months following depending on your activity and self-care levels. If you are experiencing severe symptoms, an acute injury, or in multiple areas of your body at the start of treatment, you may require additional sessions, up to twice a week.

Mobile treatments are available at your home, office, or hotel provided there is space for a massage table set up. Sessions also at WMN Space in Culver City.

Always happy to answer any questions you may have! Please contact jenny@informyourbody.com. I look forward to working together!