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Although trained as a traditional physical therapist, my integrative approach + treatments are anything but traditional.

I offer holistic mindbody healing sessions to release stored physical + emotional blocks held within your tissues to allow your body to come into balance, improve alignment, reduce nervous system stress, and move with greater ease.

The work is facilitated via Craniosacral therapy, myofascial energy release, chakra balancing and other intuitive healing modalities to guide your body in a gentle letting go to create space.

Empowered by self-treatment + mindful movement strategies — as well as knowledge about your unique individual body — all with the goal to help you feel your absolute best in your body.



Many women are unaware that they might be carrying muscle imbalances, misalignment in their pelvis or stored trauma in tissues surrounding their reproductive organs. The IN+FORM process allows for deep fascial release and realignment to restore health and balance to your reproductive system, whether you’re planning to become pregnant, or not. It is especially beneficial, however, in planning for pregnancy.


During pregnancy, women experience many changes in their bodies, especially in the musculoskeletal system. The body actually recognizes these changes as trauma and stores them as it’s growing and changing.

Post pregnancy, the IN+FORM process is deeply beneficial to release body registered trauma from changes in pregnancy, giving birth, and coming back into your new body.

life is one big transition, which is why I offer a holistic set of services geared toward supporting women both inside + out through moments of change. Check out my Wardrobe healing offering for more about a conscious dressing consultation.

All initial wellness sessions begin with an assessment of alignment, neuromuscular connection, and CranioSacral rhythm. Then through energetic and bodywork techniques I facilitate the gentle release of blocks, beginning with the most prominent. You will leave empowered in knowledge about your body — how to hold it, move it, which muscles to stretch or strengthen, supportive strategies to correct energetic imbalances,and self-treatment for peak results.

* Expect to notice improvements initially, but will require 5+ sessions on average to achieve lasting results. Since you will continue to use your body daily, I recommend a maintenance session every 2-3 months, based on each individual's needs.


How do you know whether a private in person session or remote session is for you?

Private sessions typically last 60 minutes and take place at WMN Space in Culver City.

Remote sessions last 45 minutes and can be done from anywhere in the world. If you’re on the go and need flexibility, this is an optimal choice.



"So grateful to receive the most nourishing body work & CranioSacral therapy by (Jenny) this morning that put me into the deepest trance. Can't recommend this enough, especially for new mamas." 

- Jessie DeLowe

“Two weeks ago I had my first remote wellness session with Jenny Wirt, MPT. I was a little skeptical at first how someone could work on me if they are several hundred miles away. Truthfully, it was one of the best sessions I’ve haf to date with a body worker even without having her physical touch. I can’t tell you howintuitive this woman is. I highly recommend he services if you are looking to deepen your WHOLE body wellness journey. I felt a huge release after she worked on me.”

- Bailee

“Thank you for this absolute goldmine of info! I’m doing really well. I went to my Chiropractor yesterday (I usually go once a week or so) and he didn’t really have anything to fix, which is a first. I’ve been doing all of the exercises and think they’re helping to maintain the adjustments you made. Also, I stand up quite a bit at work so I’ve been engaging my glutes more and it’s taken a lot of pressure out of my lower back, which feels great.”

- Jill G.

“Feeling extra after having a session with Jenny of IN+FORM this morning. She is AMAZING and does distance healing as well. so much good info and she has a lovely energy. She’s super intuitive too! Highly recommend.”

- Shannon Dougherty

“I had my first treatment by Jenny today and it was truly a restorative + informative experience. Her treatments are the epitome of self-care. The knowledge she offers on how to help your body function is completely individualized + specialized.”

- Rica Carney

"I received CranioSacral therapy from Jenny after a neck injury. I was able to feel the tension in my neck gradually release and it was a very relaxing experience overall. I felt calm and refreshed the rest of the day, and slept great the following night (a rare feat for me). Will definitely try again!

- Rachel Ardoin

"I have never had CranioSacral Therapy before, so I was very curious to experience it! I have some regular body pain in areas that I store stress, so I am always interested in trying new methods of healing treatments! Seeing Jenny was a wonderful experience. She asked me questions about where my body experiences stress and my history with physical trauma. While working on me she identified areas of imbalance and stress and worked on those areas. [WMN Space] is very calm and meditative. I left feeling great and noticed a real difference over the next 48 hours in my shoulder/neck area. I am often tight in those areas and sometimes get headaches as a result. I could tell my muscles had experienced release from the treatment. I would definitely recommend seeking treatment with Jenny!

- Hannah Smith

I received a CranioSacral treatment from Jenny for knee pain I had been suffering from for awhile. The treatments are so relaxing and my knee pain had decreased tremendously by the next day. After having a baby, my core and pelvic floor were also very weak. My back had been hurting off and on since giving birth. With Jenny's help she has taught me how to re-activate my core, reduce my back pain, as well as prevent pain in the future!

- Lindsay Davidson