Physical Therapist


Jenny offers a unique blend of physical therapy skills and alternative healing techniques with a passion for preventative physical wellness.

She earned a Master of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Oklahoma in 2010 and is a California licensed physical therapist. She has traveled across the country gaining experience in various settings, with a brief stent as a fashion stylist in NYC. Regardless of clinical setting, she always felt she was working backwards in treating injuries versus preventing them.

Repeatedly, as she instructed adult and geriatric patients in proper form of basic daily movements to heal or prevent injury, they were so often surprised that such small changes could impact their pain in a big way. Noticing this pattern in addition to being asked over and over "why hasn't anyone showed me this until now?!" sparked an interest in educating younger generations to prevent injury and degeneration for their future selves.

She has also discovered what a profound impact emotional and physical traumas, even seemingly small and insignificant negative experiences, can have on our bodies. In treating clients individually through CranioSacral therapy, bodywork and other healing modalities, she has found her niche. Using light touch she facilitates the release of those traumas in an often unaddressed physiological system, in addition to assessing muscle and movement patterns, to allow improved alignment and function.